Booja - Booja truffle selection

Booja – Booja Truffles: I can’t believe it’s not dairy!

Looking for deliciously, sumptuous and luxurious chocolates which will please for any occasion? How about some organic, gluten free vegan truffles? Doesn’t sound appealing. Well let me introduce you to Booja – Booja. Quite the name right! And it’ll be one you’ll be seeking out once I’ve shown you just what they can offer you in the way of fantastically sweet treats!

(For this feature my main focus will be the Booja -Booja Chocolate Truffle Selection. I was the selection by the company but I have not received any payment for this blog post. The below opinions are my own.)

The Brand

Booja – Booja are an award winning chocolate manufacturer, based in Norfolk, UK (my home county!) Their products are mainly known for being vegan, but did you know they are also organic as well as gluten and soya free? So what’s in them then?! I hear some of you cry. Plenty of goodies, I reply. Ingredients (for the Truffle selection ) include: cocoa solids, cane sugar, coconut oil, almond paste, hazelnuts, stem ginger, rhubarb, water, ground coffee,agave syrup, sea salt and vanilla extract. All organically grown. All equating to some deliciously tasty treats.

Booja – Booja were kind enough to send me a selection box of their award-winning truffles. Inside the box were sixteen truffles, a 5 variations of flavours: Hazelnut Crunch, Stem Ginger, Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool, Around Midnight Espresso and Almond Salted Caramel.

Truffle Selection Box Review

The selection box of the truffles has a polished, clean and attractive. Simple but some lovely little embellishments. The top layer slides off to reveal the tray underneath with a lovely little ‘welcoming’ message accompanied by the first tantalising scent of cocoa.

Now all the truffles have that familiar light cocoa dusting but once you have the truffle in your mouth the chocolate immediately starts to melt. And oooooh is it a rich, creamy sensation. Beautiful in fact!

Inside the Booja - Booja truffle selection box

Hazelnut Crunch Truffle

The first chocolate truffle I tried was the Hazelnut Crunch. I’m sure many know how perfect a pairing hazelnut and chocolate are, and this particular ‘choccie’ is no exception. Small hazelnut pieces are evenly spread throughout the chocolatey inside giving a dainty and delightful crunch to every mouthful. Five of these are included in the box.

RhubarB & Vanilla Fool

I intriguingly tried the next sample, the Rhubard & Vanilla Fool. Upon first taste the rhubarb flavour is faint, but builds in tangyness. Though the smooth sweetness of the vanilla balances this out nicely. Perhaps the flavour contrasts are a bit too strange for me, as I’m not sure how I found the flavours within the rich chocolate truffle. Having said that I ate both of the chocolates that were in the selection, and this may just be to my own personal taste palate. I applaud Booja-Booja for trying something different though. 2 of these are in the box.

Stem Ginger truffle

The Stem Ginger truffles were pleasing enough to eat. The ginger is a touch too faint for me, personally I’d make it a slight bit spicier. However, I was perfectly happy enough to eat them both though. 2 of these are in the box.

Booja - Booja Midnight Espresso truffles
Booja – Booja midnight espresso truffles

Midnight Espresso truffle

Next were the Around Midnight Espresso truffles. I was looking forward to trying these chocolates! Beautifully infused with finely ground Mexican coffee, enveloped within the rich chocolate…I was in heaven. These truffles are divine! The coffee flavour is just strong enough it doesn’t overpower the chocolate; the flavours melt wonderfully together. Two are included in the selection.

Almond Salted Caramel truffle

Lastly, I came to the Almond Salted Caramel truffles, which is one of my favourite flavours, so I deliberately saved these till the end. They did not disappoint, melty, gooey and a little bit chewy was a flavour sensation! Again all ingredients work well with each other, nothing was too overpowering. Delicious! Five of these are in the selection.


I don’t know how they did it but Booja – Booja have done a sterling job with this selection. The vegan brand are relatively recent discovery for me but I am so impressed by the quality and effort put into their delicious creations. The Truffle Selection box would make a great gift for birthdays, Christmas or to yourself. Why not?

The Truffle Selection box retails for around £9.99, which is more on the expensive side, but you are getting a quality product with great taste. Plus it’s clear that a lot of thought and passion have gone into these chocolates. This makes it well worth splashing on some luxury every now and then. They also sell dairy-free ice cream!

Booja – Booja Q & A

Where to buy Booja Booja?

Many shops and vendors all over the UK supply the brand, mainly in health food shops and ethical stores. Not in the UK? Well stockists in European countries, such as Spain, Finland and Germany, as well as Australia also sell the brand. Plus you can also buy them online. For more location information visit their official stockists page here.

Is Booja – Booja healthy?

According to the company blog postall of our products are cholesterol free as they contain no animal products as only animal products contain cholesterol.” However, the term cannot be added to the packaging “cholesterol free” is not supported. As the ingredients used are organic and free from gluten and dairy they are definitely a healthier choice.

There are no ingredients added that aren’t recognisable. No scientific, acidy, regulator add-ins. No e-numbers. Only what is needed. Which is a good sign. But they’re still chocolates so don’t over-indulge!

is Booja – Booja raw?

From what I could find out from the official website the company make the ice-creams raw whenever they can. Also the Dark Ecuadorian truffles and raspberry truffles are made using 100% raw dark chocolate from Ecuador.

Booja – Booja raw?

Based in Brooke, near Norwich, Norfolk in the UK, all products are made there. ‘We have 22 ingredient suppliers in 12 countries supplying 34 different ingredients.‘ In addition, they go on to state that the reason for this is because they need their supply to be the highest quality and all produce is meticulously tested and tasted. And no palm-oil is used which is a bonus!

Where does the name come from?

I like how the company explains their name, it’s very poetic, mysterious and, well fun. You can find this on their site but basically they equate the name to a feeling of luxurious happiness, enjoyment and ‘…noticing we are not in paradise…but loving it anyway‘. It’s very Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Doesn’t really explain itself but you’re all in for the experience.

Booja – Booja Fun Facts

  • They currently have 53 employees across the whole of Booja-Booja
  • They are an independent company that started in 1999
  • We began in 1999
  • The largest amount of truffles they made in one day is 57,600!
  • They have won 125 awards in 20 years – an average of 6 per year ( recent wins including Vegfest UK Awards 2019 for Best Vegan Ice Cream and the very special Viva! Award for Excellence and Innovation: Best Vegan Ice Cream for our Raspberry Ripple ice cream.)

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