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Top Tea in Tenerife: 5 of the best cafés

Now when you think of Spainish drinks the first thoughts may probably be of Maragritas, Sangrias and other rum based drinks. But there’s some pretty awesome places for some tea too.

With warm weather on the Canary Islands and plenty of food and drink establishments having outdoor seating options, enjoying a tea in Tenerife is the ultimate relaxing experience. This list focuses on some stand out options.

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Strasse Park

Strasse Park
Strasse Park in Parque Garcia Sanabria

One of the most beautiful places to have tea in Tenerife, Strasse Park is located at the top end of the lush Parque Garcia Sanabria. The natural surroundings make this establishment a very serene experience for you tea sipping.

Whilst not having the widest array of teas on offer, there are some notable beverages here. Particularly refreshing is the Mango ice tea. A little juicier and sweeter than a lot of other similar drinks it is a welcome thirst quencher for the warm days in Santa Cruz.

A little more on the pricier side but worth it for the location and the friendly service.

Art & Co.

Art & Co Cafe exterior for Tea
Art & Co café exterior

A café located in Puerto de la Cruz on a quiet lane, not too far from the main shops and streets.

Art & Co café offers a funky and eclectic place for you to sip on your tea and have some very tasty tapas or cake.

They offer milk alternatives and food options for vegans and are super friendly. Along with the laid-back vibe there are board games you are free to play with and the café often hosts live music.

With reasonable prices, tasty food, and even some unique clothing for sale this is a delightful place to wind down.

Café & Te

Cafe & Te cup
Café & Te cup of tea on a table in the street

Looking to have a tea break in Santa Cruz de Tenerife’s main tourist area? Café & Te is a cosy place in the midst of many big shops. While it can be busy there’s always a very helpful service and a marvelous selection of sandwiches and bakes to devour.

Café & Te provide a pretty decent array of teas; ranging from red, black, green and even blue teas (which claim to be very good for digestion), rooibos and infusions.

The Passion fruit and orange infusion tea was delightful. Still need to go back and try that Tiramisu Rooibos!


Makika Cafe with people enjoying refreshments
Makika Café

Easy to walk past as this café is situated in a courtyard, Makika one of the most vibrant, happy and quality places to get a tea in Tenerife. Guests can expect to be greeted by a very chipper host who goes out of their way to make sure you’re having a good time.

The decor is a covered outdoor seating area with plenty of greenery, complimented with bright furniture and decorations. The café’s cute little cakes in the cabinet, tempt you in with their unique flavours. The white chocolate, almond and apricot mousse cake was divine!

Vegetarian and vegan options are available, both for food and drink. The food is also made onsite so it’s nice and fresh, even if it’s not the most extensive menu. Makika though hidden away is quite popular but I highly recommend taking a tea break here.

El Café de la Cuadra

El Cafe de la Cuadra interior of cafe
El Café de la Cuadra

Address: Calle Imeldo Seris, 25, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Part of the restaurant ‘La Cuadra’ this tiny but modern café takes it’s tea seriously. El Café de la Cuadra is a treasure trove for coffee and tea lovers.

Plenty of varieties can be drank here, all carefully prepared and neatly presented in a Chinese ceramic tea pot. I ordered a Naranja Azahar tea (rooibos, orange rind, orange blossoms and natural oils) which they told me would be 5 minutes to prepare and allow to brew. It was worth the wait. Other teas on offer include chai masalas, green teas, black teas and fruit infusions.

The popular large dangling light fixtures can be found here, but there’s also a lush covering of green moss on the walls which I dare anyone to not touch.

El Café de la Cuadra probably has the most extensive range of tea in Tenerife, at least that I’ve been to so far. Located near the main shopping area this café is a great stop-off before or after divulging in the local shops.

Cocina canaria, carnes a la brasa en un local único en Santa Cruz de TENERIFE.

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