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Umami Good Food review. Best vegan restaurant ever?

Hidden away down one of the many lanes of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a hidden treasure of a vegan restaurant. Its food so rich, vibrant and tasty even meat eaters are not able to resist. In case you can’t tell I really liked Umami Good Food. So I’m now gonna tell you all about it.

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Umami restaurant:

Centrally located in the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, down the small street of Sabino Berthelot, this place screams health, in the most pleasant way. A chill but green vibe this place is all about providing the best eating experience for it’s customers.

Their mission statement: Ayudarte a mejorar tus hábitos alimenticios y en consecuencia tu vida / Help you improve your eating habits and consequently your life.

Umami Good Food – So friendly they allow dogs in

As with most independent eateries this place was small but luckily they also had some outside seating as well. It has a minimal interior decoration, but some fun little quirks dotted here and there. These include some tiny chair fixed in place on the walls.

The staff were friendly upon greeting us and were very informative on the days specials. We opted for that days special set menu as otherwise we may have taken too long to decide what we wanted (lots of good options). It also seemed fun to just see what we got sent to us. Who doesn’t love a good food adventure?

Gazpacho soup and vegan latte at Umami on table
Gazpacho and vegan latte

The Set Menu:

Our starter course arrived in next to no time. It was probably the prettiest soup I’ve ever seen. We were given gazpacho soup with some vegan bread rolls. The soup had a creamy but light taste and was quite refreshing for the warm day. The rolls as well were not too tough or dry and complimented the soup perfectly. A nice light start to the meal.

Oh mammy this pasta dish was amazing!

Then the pasta dish came. Now, I wasn’t a big fan of pasta. I could take it or leave it. And I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my seat with excitement when this dish arrived. However. This. Was. Delicious!

Gonna be honest, I can’t remember exactly what this dish was. I know! I know! Supposed to be doing a review and then I don’t even write down what I eat. But I was so taken with the dish that I forgot to take notes. From what I remember though, it was trotolle pasta with tofu and mushroom and I think vegan cream cheese. And possibly a garlic oil sauce.

Whatever exactly it was , my tastebuds were in heaven. The pasta was beautifully cooked, not too heavy and the flavours were amazing, all balanced with each other perfectly.

Vegan dulce de leche cheesecake at umami on table
The yummiest dulce de leche cheesecake EVER!

Then, there was dessert.

Oh my gosh! This was blissful! Simply the king of cheesecakes. I am somewhat biased as cheesecake is my favourite dessert, but even my partner Simon was mightily impressed.

The Dulce de Leche cheesecake is so good I’d go back to tenerife just to have that dish again. Loved it! The base is made from crushed walnuts, along with a few on top for decoration. The creamy “cheese” part was smooth and had a scrummy caramel taste. The topping, a decadent chocolatey, gooey, rich thick sauce that was just the right amount of sweet. My stomach is rumbling just writing this description.

You must have this cheesecake. If you didn’t know it was vegan I bet most people wouldn’t be able to tell.

Umami Pros:

The prices were very good. For the quality I expected to pay more. Very happy with the food though. Bonus that’s it’s healthier food as well. Umami re-affirms how amazing healthy food.

Praise again to the friendly and quick service as well.

Good location. A few minutes from Plaza Weyler, not far from the main shopping streets. The lane it’s on is a little small but not too busy with people or traffic.

Umami Cons:

One downside (as with most of the best places to eat) is that this vegan restaurant is quite small. Only a few tables inside, and a few just outside the doors it fills up quickly. We lucked out a bit as another couple were just leaving as we arrived.

The menu is a bit on the small side, but everything they offer is of top quality.

Tiny chairs on the wall

In Summary:

I have to say (as of July 2019) that Umami Good Food is the best vegan restaurant I have visited so far. Beautiful in decor and food. Brilliant service, great pricing and quality food. This is a eatery that every food lover should have on their go-to list.

I do love what this restaurant does with it’s food. If you follow them on Facebook they are frequently posting new dishes and desserts to tantalise both your eyes and your tongue. If anyone could convince the people to eat healthy / vegan this place is it! IT may look quaint and unassuming but this place lets its food do the talking. Or should I say the boasting.

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