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Top Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in North Tenerife

It can often be tricky for vegetarians and vegans to find restaurants which will cater to their plant based diets. Being veggie for over 10 years I’ve had lots of experience with this. However, on my travels around North Tenerife I was pleasantly surprised by what was around. Here are my top picks of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and some highlighted meat-free foods.

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La Concepcion, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Papas con Bravas and Falafel food on table
Papas con Bravas and Falafel
Lemon Creme Brulee dessert on table
Lemon Creme Brulee dessert

Situated in a quieter area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, next to the church which inspired it’s name, is La Concepcion. Now, I must confess, it’s not a dedicated vegetarian or vegan restaurant. Having said that there are plenty of delicious offerings here for any with dietary requirements.

The menu has the dietary options very clearly labelled and the portion sizes are quite generous. The waitress (camarera) was very helpful and patient with me as well. My Spanish is still mala or bad.

A pretty and quaint tapas restaurant with a friendly vibe and beautifully cooked vegan Spanish food; don’t miss out on getting a great taste of Latin food.


El Limon, Puerto Del La Cruz

Outside shot of vegetarian restaurant El Limon
El Limon
Vegan Cherry pie dessert at El Limon
Vegan cherry pie – El Limon

A dedicated vegetarian restaurant, El Limon has plenty to offer on the menu. I went to check out the restaurant as it had many good reviews for the location of Puerto de la Cruz and it did not disappoint.

Charming interior; something like a vintage tea room. With cool trinkets and art all indicating the vegetarian theme of the restaurant.

The restaurant caters to vegans as well, we had a scrumptious vegan cherry pie which had a wonderful buttery, cinnamon taste.


Umami Good Food, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Umami Good Food vegan restaurant front
Umami Good Food
Vegan pasta dish at Umami Good Food on table
The yummiest pasta EVER

Spoiler alert! Because Umami is my favourite vegan restaurant in Tenerife (at least that I’ve been to so far)!

Small and simply decorated but boasting delicious dishes, this restaurant made me see pasta in a whole new light. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it before, but having had the vegan pasta at Umami I know what excellence can be achieved!

Plus if you love cheesecake you NEED to get it here. Delicious! And probably the best I’ve ever had – and I’ve eaten a lot!

I can’t do this place enough justice, just go there – trust me 😉


Sweet Paradise, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Sweet Paradise restaurant front
Vegan Spanish omlette sandwich, paps con bravas and Beyond Burger on table

A very funky little place with a very strong vegan theme in it’s decor, Sweet Paradise has a great reputation for having delicious vegan desserts.

There’s also plenty of savoury snacks here. For example, there’s sandwiches, burgers, Spanish potatoes and even vegan lasagna. Even more tempting is that one of the burgers on offer is a Beyond Burger! Very reasonably priced for such a great tasting vegan alternative.

It may take a while to choose which dessert to indulge in, as there are many different choices. More excuses to keep going back.


Veggie Penguin, La Laguna

Veggie Penguin restaurant front
Veggie Penguin
Vegan Falafel salad in large bowl on table
Vegan Falafel salad

It looks unassuming from the front but Veggie Penguin is an absolute gem. Despite the name the establishment is a vegan restaurant, rather than vegetarian.

Make sure to build up an appetite for this one! HUGE portions. For instance, when we ordered a starter and main each we were recommended to share the starter due to the large portion sizes. I’m glad we listened.

I’d also recommend booking ahead. During my visit, at least half the tables were already reserved.

The falafel starter was amazing! Best falafels I’ve ever had. They were warm and didn’t crumble. The accompanying sauces were perfect. The main dishes were brilliant as well. Only downside was that I couldn’t get around to dessert as I was so full.

Guess I’ll have to go back again.


La Pajarita, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

La Pajarita vegan restaurant interior
La Pajarita
"Chocolate Lover" Smoothie bowl on table
“Chocolate Lover” Smoothie bowl

Possibly THE place for ‘vegetabilists’ to do breakfast. Located in Santa Cruz, La Parajita is a modest place with lots of heart.

I’m a sucker for a smoothie bowl and the “chocolate lover” dish was brilliant. So fresh and not too heavy. There’s plenty of other sweet treats and brunch options available. These include sandwiches, salads and buddha bowls. The servers are very friendly and happy! and the food, beautiful.


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