Teddy the cat on the table at the cat cafe

A Norfolk First – Darling Darlings Cat Lounge

Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Darling Darlings Cat Lounge, the first cat cafe in Norfolk! It opened June (2019) in Great Yarmouth. I visited to write an article for Norfolk Magazine on the new cafe which can be read here . I also shot a short video which can be found at the bottom of the page.

As some of the content had to be cut down for the magazine I wanted to elaborate more on the cafe here. It’s also a great subject for my blog; being about animals and tea!

Interior of cat cafe

The cat cafe

Darling Darlings is a charming and quaint little cafe. Inside is a cacophony of retro memorabilia, specifically picked out to stir up conversations. There’s also many cat pictures, figures and knick-knacks because…well, it’s a cat cafe.

The owner Caroline Graham is a very friendly and humble woman who is very passionate about her cats and about helping people. She used to work with special needs children at a school until the idea struck her to use her cats as Therapy to help those in need.

Teddy the cat plays with cat toy on floor of cat cafe
Teddy playing with the wrong end of a cat toy

Both cats were rescue cats but Caroline really lucked out with their temperament, they are ever so friendly. After training Teddy was successfully signed off my the vet and became Norfolk’s first therapy cat. Her other cat, Coconut, is also a trained therapy cat. These two animals bring that truly unique twist to this particular cat cafe. There are only two but they’re perfect for the job (though there are plans to train a third cat). These cats are trained for this role; to put up with all sorts of noises and bring people together. Something I witnessed first hand during my visit. Everyone was all smiles, relaxed and talking to one another! Amazing!!

Coconut the cat laying on the floor of the cat cafe
Coconut the cat

The refreshments

The refreshments on offer are your standard teas, coffees and hot chocolates but there’s also some super tasty milkshakes.

For food there’s breakfast items including cereal, porridge and toast. Selections of savouries, cakes, waffles and ice cream are also available. The array of cakes were very tantalising and I eventually chose a giant Oreo biscuit. It tasted exactly how you would expect really, like a giant Oreo. Quite filling and not too sickly. It went very well with my attempting tea dunking (it was a bit too big for the mug).

Cup of tea and giant Oreo biscuit at the cat cafe

At £5 for an hour’s visit, a drink and a bite to eat this is an absolute bargain. It’s a small cat cafe with big hopes and plans for the future. They’ve already helped people in care homes, with autism, children with special needs. As the owner herself says “Take a step back in time with a furry feline”.

Check out Darling Darlings Facebook page for more information and bookings.

First Norfolk cat café opens in Great Yarmouth

Norfolk's first cat café has opened in Great Yarmouth: Darling Darlings Cat Lounge is the perfect place for lovers of cake, coffee, and cats! Read our review: http://bit.ly/norfolkcatcafe 🍰☕️🐱

Posted by EDP Norfolk on Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Short video I shot for Norfolk Magazine

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