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My New Blog: Tea, Travel and Animal Marvels

Ugh, that title is so cliche. They say the hardest part of something is starting it so this is me. Starting it. My new blog.So here’s a short intro of how I got to here from my YouTube beginnings…

Why a blog?

Well, it wasn’t because I watched Bridget Jones, or Julia & Julia and was inspired (though they are guilty pleasure films of mine).

I’m here blogging because YouTube pushed me. Yes, YouTube and it’s algorithms. Those damned algorithms that are causing even the big time creators to find alternate ways to get their content actually seen by their own audience.

I was by no means a big time YouTuber, but had a decent little start. Myself and Hazel, co-creator, started TheTanZelShow and shot to the minuscule heights of fame playing horror games and watching fan videos of My Little Pony. We were getting decent stats a few videos have even gotten over 100k views! Now I’m struggling to get 100.

My YouTube channel front page before the blog

Leaving YouTube behind?

Obviously there a several factors leading to the decline of views; Hazel left (amicably), no more MLP react videos (the fans got very weird!) and I had less and less time to devote to the channel. I was finding it hard to put in the energy on camera when I did have small windows of free time. But when you hear that even the likes of H3 Productions, Philip DeFranco and King of YouTube, PewDiePie are having problems with the algorithm, then you may as well call it a day.  What chance does a tiny channel like mine have?

So I have retreated to the world of blogs.

Though still at the mercy of Google’s technical rule at least this arena should have fairer rules….right?

I am quite excited to flex my writing skills once more, always seemed to be a strength of mine, and am quite hopeful I can find a decent audience for my musings, ramblings and general wonderings…I hope. Please.

My main focus for my blog will be on finding great teas and vegetarian / vegan experiences in locations near and far. As well as finding amazing animals. I want to also try to be a climate friendly as I can and help promote keeping the Earth clean.

So, let’s see how this goes….

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